Edible Calcium Caseinate

Edible Calcium Caseinate is a nutritional milk protein which is characterized by a high PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) and chemical score. Calcium caseinate has a low flavor profile and excellent flavor stability. It is easily dispersed in water to form stable colloidal suspensions. With the addition of calcium caseinate, food processors can enrich the protein content and the essential amino acids in their finished foods.

Forms of Calcium Caseinate
Fresh Curd
Domestic Converted
Spray Dried
Edible/Animal Grades
EU Acceptable
Low Flavor Profile
Excellent Flavor Stability
Good Dispersibility
High Opacity in Water Suspension
Binding Capabilities
PER of 2.8
Low Sodium
High Calcium
Low Lactose
Nutritionally Strong
Relatively Inert
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